Adventure Fuerteventura Tour

Tour Data

Length: 43 km
Time needed: About 3 to 3 ½ hours
Price: 34 €
Included: 1 Mountainbike
Half litre water
Energy Snack Bar
Tour Guide

Tour Description

We leave at the bikecenter at 09:30 am and exit Corralejo through a developing area in the west of town. There we go on a dirt track immediatly, that leads around the chain of volcanoes to Lajares. We follow the trail up to the 'Calderon Hondo', the last volcanoe in the chain and the only one with a completley round crater, like you would imagine a volcano. We leave the trail and drive along a path made of lava rocks, that brings us to an amazing downhill to Lajares.
Fuerteventura Adventure Tour
We cross Lajares and ride south climbing up to Villaverde, where we take a dirt track, that leads through old fields around a small volcano to the southern edge of the Natural Park. There we turn on a smaller trail, that takes us to a system of dried out riverbeds (as descriped in: Los Barrancos ).
Fuerteventura Adventure Tour

We leave the dried out riverbeds and drive by some old goat farms back to the main road near Tamaragua and ride back to Corralejo from there.


Adventure Tour Bike Route

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